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1. Where do you deliver? delivers anywhere in the United States except Hawaii and Alaska with UPS.

If you are a South Florida resident (certain parts of Dade and Broward Counties only), you will receive your order directly to your door from our store in North Miami Beach. There is $10 fee for local deliveries.

2. What shipping method should I select?

For deliveries outside the South Florida area (Dade and Broward counties only), there are two shipping methods that you can select from. Every one is calculated based on your location and the total weight of the products you ordered.

*Select "Next Businss Day" if you are ordering any perishable items whatsoever and you live outside of South Florida. Some if not all of your perishable items will be frozen and sent out in a special insulated cooler with dry ice and ice packs to ensure the freshness of your products. We ship out on Tuesday and Wednesday only (also Mondays before Passover). If we are out of stock of certain merchandise, we will try to let you know. Remember,"Next Business Day" just means that your order will get to you within 24 hours after we send it out. It does NOT mean that you will get it within 24 hours after you place your order.

*Select "Ground" to ship non-perishable items anywhere in the continental United States (approx time 4 business days).

* Select "Local Deliveries" only if you live in certain parts of Broward and Dade County. Your order will be delivered with $7 delivery charge

3. How much do you charge for delivery?

Within the South Florida (Dade and Broward counties only) delivery is $10. Outside of Florida the following shipping charges will apply.

Shipping rates are available when you select the shipping method. Just click on the shipping method that applies to you and the site will calculate your shipping charges. Just be sure to enter your correct shipping address with its zip code to get accurate charges.

4. How is my order packed?

When Shipped: Every item is carefully packed. The perishable items such as meats and poultry are frozen when the order is made and placed in a special container with an amount of dry ice proportionate to the time it will take to arrive to your door. We guarantee the quality of the products and are certain of your satisfaction. In some cases, we will send out fresh meat and poultry fresh and will arrive to you in perfect condition. It will depend on availability and the time involved.

5. When will I receive my order?

You will receive your order depending on the type of Shipping Method selected and the items ordered. Below are the time periods when placing an order to be received at your door:

*When using Next Business Day: When ordering items such as meats and poultry during the week, excluding Fridays, your items may be frozen or we may ship them out fresh as soon as we receive the order. 24 hours later, they are placed in the special containers (see how the items are packed) and shipped. Your order will arrive the next day before 5:00pm (when specifically requesting Airborne Express Next Business Day). This means that when you place the order using this type of shipping method, you can normally calculate approximately 48 hours after the time you placed your order unless we are out of stock on some items and to reschedule.


*When using Ground: Approximately 4 business days

*Local Deliveries: You will receive your order based on the delivery schedules described below (please remember that our store hours are from 8:00am to 7:00pm from Mondays to Thursdays and from 8:00am to 4:00pm on Fridays and Sundays, so when you place an order outside this time frame, it will be processed the next day.):

Deliveries and Shipment Schedules


Tuesdays: Deliveries- N.M.B. and certain parts of Broward (call)

Wednesdays: South Miami Area- Including Kendal, Coral Gables and Downtown Miami.

Thursdays: N.Miami Beach Area- Miami Beach: Bal Harbor to Miami Beach


Shipments: All shipments with perishable items are sent Tuesdays and Wednesdays only. Orders received on Wednesdays must be shipped using overnight delivery to be received that same week, otherwise they will be shipped the following Tuesday or Wednesday.

Orders with non-perishable items can be shipped any day except on Fridays.

6. Is my Credit Card charged immediately after I place my order (Check Out)?

NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT! Your Credit Card is NOT CHARGED immediately after you place an order. It will be charged ONLY when the order has been shipped. You can make modifications to your order by contacting us via email to or 786 306 5897